St. Jude the Apostle

Saint Jude the Apostle Window

location: north wall, middle western window
size: 93″ x 41″
damage: thin crack on left-side sky near middle left lobe of arch, small thin cracks at roots of stump and floor beneath it, thin crack on floor below flowers, cracked glass on bottom swivel window at latch, reparations to floor below feet
dedication: Pray for The Donor
background: beige tiled floor, hanging red curtain with floral design and golden tassels, and cloudy blue sky behind
frame: partially visible columns supporting an arabesque multi-lobed and ornamented arch
description: Jude, a balding old man, wears an elaborate outer robe. He is the only saint identified with a name scroll. At his feet are flowers and a stump.
meaning: Patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. Also known as Jude Thaddeus. The flame signifies his presence at the Pentecost. The medal symbolizes the Image of Edessa, a holy relic.