Saint Joseph

St Joseph Window

location: south wall, middle eastern window
size: 93″ x 41″
damage: medium thick crack on red glass of bottom swivel window on right side near swirl base, crack and hole below scroll on red glass on center right, two vertical cracks on curtain extending left from Jesus’ hand,
dedication: IN MEMORY OF Father Delfino J. Garibay and Miguel and Dominga Torres
background: green tiled floor, hanging red curtain with floral design and golden tassels, and cloudy blue sky behind
frame: partially visible columns supporting an arabesque multi-lobed and ornamented arch
description: adult Joseph and child Jesus (2/3 his size) stand with simple robes and halos. Jesus has no shoes. Joseph carries a green staff with lily blossoms at the end.
meaning: the walking staff of flowers comes from a tale how Mary was to choose a husband. She had all suitors lay their sticks in a temple. Joseph’s blossomed, thus indicating they should marry.