Fundraising Goals

Funds needed to restore, preserve and protect this landmark:

Mortgage: $400,000
Restore/Repair/Gentrify: $200,000
Total: $600,000

Your help is greatly needed. Please consider a generous, tax-deductible donation to help save this landmark and preserve this “Historical Heart of the City” for generations to come. Donors will receive a receipt of payment for tax purposes.

Donate by Mail:

St. Isidore Historical Plaza
P.O. Box 1434
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Phone: 562-596-9918

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Importance of Saving this Landmark

Built in 1926 – Historical Landmark

  • St. Isidore Chapel is the oldest community building in the City of Los Alamitos
  • St. Isidore Chapel is one of the oldest buildings in Orange County.

City in Need of “Historical Heart of the City”

  • In need of a park and community center that serves as a gathering spot, a venue for celebration, education and spiritual renewal.

A Part of California History

  • St. Isidore Parish was established in 1921. Holy Family in Orange and St. Anne in Seal Beach were established the same year. There were only five Parishes established in Orange County prior to 1921, the first being San Juan Capistrano. These parishes were originally part of the Los Angeles/Monterey Diocese.

People of the Community Built the Chapel

  • There is a deep history of commitment from the descendants of the original parishioners and community members who built this church with their own hands in 1926. The land was donated by the Bixby Land Co. with a title transfer fee of $10 ($148 today).