The Assumption of Mary

Assumption of Mary

location: north wall, middle western window
size: 93” x 41”
damage: two circular bullet cracks on middle of left side, with thin crack ascending from bottom wound, thin crack of left-side cherub’s arm, thin crack of left-side base bottom swirl
dedication: 1951. Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Kuppen
background: blue sky of various tones, with stripes horizontal clouds and stars
frame: partially visible columns supporting an arabesque multi-lobed and ornamented arch
description: Mary has a halo-crown of radiant stars, she stands on a thin crescent moon, accompanied by five playful cherubs. She wears flowing robes of sky blue and off-white. Small spiral galaxies surround her in the sky. The clouds appear to be rotating upward.
meaning: Mary looks to the sky as she is taken to heaven by infant angels in a swirl of clouds, which also brought the Apostles to her as she left the earth.