Our Lady of the Rosary

Window Our Lady of the Rosary

location: south wall, most western window
size: 93″ x 41″
dedication: In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Luis Aguiar
background: red-brown stone floor, hanging red curtain with floral design and golden tassels, and cloudy blue sky behind
frame: partially visible columns supporting an arabesque multi-lobed and ornamented arch
description: nearly symmetrical and very geometrically construed (art deco influence?) Mary stands solemnly with her eyes looking down and her hands together in prayer; a long rosary hangs from her right wrist. She wears three layers of tunics: gray, blue (gold inside) and peachy-wine.
meaning: may refer to the mysteries of Mary (and Christ) that are meditated in the rosary, and the various “Hail Mary” prayers contained within.