Window Nativity

location: south wall, middle western window
size: 93″ x 41″
damage: Right-side bend of dedication scroll has lost color and was badly repaired
dedication: In loving memory of our Father & Mother Petrus Otte & Alice Otte Cosyns
background: hay floor, stone building in behind characters, green pastures in distance, with star shining down from multi-colored dawn (twilight?) sky
frame: partially visible columns supporting an arabesque multi-lobed and ornamented arch
description: two shepherds (one carrying a lamb) kneel before an newborn Jesus (who in turn stares back at them). Mary (in a blue and white robe) holds the infant and wraps him in cloth, while Joseph (in a burgundy and gold robe) watches over wife and child.
meaning: the sidereal light shines (from heaven) upon Joseph (father), he casts his gaze at Mary (mother), she looks at Jesus (baby) who looks at the shepherds (populace). This may be a symbolic flow or transference of power from above.