Jose Campos

Jose Campos is a retired high school counselor and biology and general science teacher. He received a BA in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Texas Arts and Industry College at Kingsville, TX; Jose has a pupil personnel credential in counseling from California State University, Long Beach and an MA in Public Administration from California Lutheran University. Jose and his wife are proud parents of three wonderful children, who attended St. Hedwig’s School and frequented St. Isidore for the cultural awareness and traditions. Jose became a member of St. Isidore Historical Plaza in 2000 to help purchase and preserve St. Isidore. He feels it represents an important period of human endeavor and development in Los Alamitos and the surrounding areas. As Jose puts it, “St. Isidore is a special place in the middle of modern day hustle and bustle, where one can go and sit and feel peace of mind and one’s burdens lessen.” Jose currently serves on the St. Isidore Board of Directors.

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