St. Isidore Historical Plaza

Critical Present

A Community Center, not a Catholic Church. Today the Chapel remains closed, never to be used as a Catholic Church of the Orange Diocese again; however, St. Isidore Historical Plaza serves as a base of operations for many critical community services.

Chapel Closed

Historical Heart of the City

After the closing of St. Isidore in 1999, a group of concerned parishioners, citizens and business leaders banded together to fight to reopen St. Isidore. After ten years of negotiation, the group Comite Del Amor (dba St. Isidore Historical Plaza), entered into a lease-purchase agreement with the Orange County Diocese. The intent is to purchase the chapel, surrounding buildings and grounds, renew and restore them to their original splendor and designate St. Isidore Hisotrical Plaza as a Historic Landmark and gift it to the City of Los Alamitos to be used as a community center – the Historical Heart of the City.

Our Mission

St. Isidore Historical Plaza promotes local California heritage and culture by providing a gathering place for community events and services.

Our Focus

1. Raise funds needed to restore, preserve and protect the buildings and grounds.
2. Maintain current Community Center Events and Programs

Need for Repairs and Restoration

The property includes the Chapel, the Hall, the Rectory with Meeting Room and the Plaza – all had been neglected for many years and were in poor condition.

Building Restoration

The Chapel

The Chapel needs earthquake retrofitting, repairs and restoration. The neglected interior walls show many holes, cracks, patches and stains that need repair. Still hanging within the Chapel are ten beautiful stained glass windows. These too need restoration and repairs.

Restoration Needed in on the Chapel

The Hall, Conference Room and Plaza

The Hall, Conference Room and Plaza are currently used for all kinds of community services, events and celebrations. Through fundraising and donations, they have been repaired for current use; however, they still are in need of repairs and renovation.

Restoration for the conference room

Maintaining Community Center Programs – Assistance, Education, Celebrations, Meetings and Events.

St. Isidore Historical Plaza currently provides many services to the community – all with a volunteer staff. Overhead to keep the property maintained and running to allow for these services is approximately $2500 per month, or $30,000 per year.

Heart of the City Food Distribution

  • Food and clothing distribution for those in need, aiding over 10,000 people per year


  • After-school tutoring
  • ESL classes


  • Boy Scouts
  • Knights of Columbus
  • AA

Community Events

  • Concerts
  • Fiestas
  • Annual Tamale Workshop

Spiritual Support

  • Sunday Rosary
  • Lady of Guadalupe Celebration
  • Non-denominational Bible Study

Venue Rental

  • Weddings, memorials, birthdays and other celebrations
  • Meetings, conferences, training and more 

Hall memorial service


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