St. Isidore Historical Plaza

Bright Future

St. Isidore Historical Plaza - The Historical Heart of the City

St. Isidore Historical Plaza, the gem of Los Alamitos will be a park and community center, which will not only provide assistance to those in need, but also serve as a venue for education, celebrations and spiritual support.


St. Isidore Historical Plaza promotes local California heritage and culture by providing a gathering place for community events and services.

Restoration and Renewal

The Venue
The plan is to gentrify the location. Only the Chapel will be restored to its original condition. The Hall, Meeting Rooms, Plaza and Gardens will be remodeled and rebuilt in the California Spanish Revival style.

Future Plans for St Isidore Gardens


The Chapel
The Chapel will be restored to its original glory – interior as well as exterior. The plan is to rebuild the original hand-carved Belgium Marble Alter and reconstruct the plastered walls and fixtures. The awe-inspiring stained-glass windows will also be restored and protected.

Future Plans for St Isidore


The Heart of the City

The restoration and gentrification of St. Isidore Historical Plaza will be a great gift to the City of Los Alamitos, as well as surrounding communities. It will contribute greatly to the City’s Parks and Community Services offerings, as well as providing the City with a central gathering venue for events and celebrations.


Heart of the City

Historical Landmark

The City of Los Alamitos has a rich history that mirrors much of the history of California. Through the mid-1800s to now, the city has continued to grow, evolve and prosper. Unfortunately, most of the original buildings are gone. St. Isidore Chapel is the oldest public building in Los Alamitos. It has been named a Historic Landmark by the Los Alamitos Museum, and hopefully will be designated a City and State Landmark.

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